We created Troops Approvals so you can leverage your existing approval processes, right from Slack. Troops Approvals gets your Salesforce approvals moving faster, makes sure they reach the right people, and provides key decision-making context where needed.  

With Troops Approvals, you can:

  • Reduce the average approval time
  • Empower your team to Approve and Reject approvals from Slack
  • Leverage existing Salesforce approval processes and customize them for Slack, where needed

As you get started, check out these key features:

Approvals Configuration Builder

  • Activate and customize Salesforce Approval notifications for Slack while leaving Salesforce Approval processes intact.

Configuration Builder

Support for Unanimous, First Response, and Manual Approvals

Approver notifications and Submitter notifications

  • When a Submitter hits “Submit for Approval” in Salesforce, the Approver on the first step of the Approval process gets a Slack notification letting them know they need to take action:

Approval Notification

  • Once the Approver hits Approve/Reject, the Submitter gets a Slack notification letting them know the request has been acted upon and moved to the next step:

Submitter notification

Approval and Rejection Comments

  • As an Approver takes action on a request, s/he can add an Approval or Rejection comment to provide context for the decision:

Approve/Reject comments

Approval Notifications sent via DMs and Channels

  • Send Notifications via DMs to Approvers or as DMs and Messages to a channel. These messages serve as a ticker for approval processes; only Approvers can act on them in DMs.

View Approval History button

  • Approvers and Submitters can generate a list of previous actions taken on an approval, giving Approvers needed context so they can make an informed decision.

View approval history

/troops-approvals Command (for ongoing, pending and completed approvals) for Submitters and Approvers 

  • Approvers and Submitters use this slash command to call their personal Approval dashboard, which lists all Ongoing, Pending, and Completed approvals. 
  • Users who have submitted objects for approval and are also Approvers can toggle between dashboards and take action from this view. 
  • Submitters can Nudge or Remind Approvers to take action on overdue items in their queue.
    • Once a user hits the Nudge button, the Approver(s) listed on the current step will get the following notification:

Nudge approver

You can check out Troops Approvals now: We’ve opened it up for FREE for 30 days (ending November 20)! It takes less than two minutes to get your first approval process activated in Troops. Go here to get started.

New to Troops? Click here and we’ll give you a free demo.


Written by Scott