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Stay on top of stagnant deals with Stuck in Stage

By Scott on Feb 27, 2018 6:39:02 AM



“Hmmm...that deal’s been there for an awfully long time. Wonder what’s going on with it...”

Today we're very excited to announce our brand new Stuck in Stage workflow, the best way for managers to surface and collaborate around deals that have remained in a given stage for an extended period of time.

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Stuck in Stage workflow will automatically open up a Group Direct Message between a manager and rep when a deal is stuck, bringing near real-time visibility to those red flags in your team's pipeline.

Features of Stuck in Stage:

  • Define what "stuck" means to you. With Stuck in Stage, you can choose which Stages you care about most and even change the number of days considered "Stuck" for each. Maybe a deal is stuck after 2 weeks in Intro, but 3 days in Contract Out.
  • Open a Group Direct Message between manager and rep. With Stuck in Stage, Troops can automatically route the workflow to a Group Direct message between two people, making it easy to collaborate on the deal and next steps.
  • Customizable Scheduling to avoid noise. Choose when (day/time) to surface stuck deals at a convenient time and frequency. We recommend once a week to start.
  • Update stuck deals directly in Slack (+ validation rule support!). Many stuck deals need to be updated or closed out. With Troops, your rep can clean up their pipeline right from the alert. We even support your validation rules, so all the right data is still entered.

Setting up Stuck in Stage:


Tips for setup and best practices to get going and answers to common questions can be found here.


Increase pipeline velocity, improve data hygiene, and stay more in touch with your team’s pipeline to make better strategic decisions with Stuck in Stage!



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Written by Scott