Our customers love Troops action buttons, which allow you to update Salesforce directly from Slack through custom field sets. You can attach an action button to any workflow or Salesforce query.

Some example action buttons include key opportunity update fields, sales process inputs (i.e. MEDDPICC), logging activities, and, of course, Closed Won/Lost!

Today, we’re excited to share we’ve made action buttons even more powerful with the addition of date pickers as well as multi-select field support.

Check out the Troops date picker in action:



Multi-select fields in action:

To start using these enhancements, you don’t need to do a thing! We’ve converted all existing date fields to include date pickers, and multi-select fields should now appear in the new format.

If you have any questions, just chat with us on the right, or email us at support@troops.ai.

Haven’t set up an action button or don’t have a Troops account? Set up your first action button on any workflow or get started for free here!



Benji Hyam

Written by Benji Hyam