The Troops team has been hard at work rolling out updates to Meeting Workflow and Field Change Alerts!

📅 Meeting Workflow Updates

1. Actions on any object

Now, your team can update any object, including custom objects, from a Meeting Workflow!
All you have to do is add an action button for the object you’d like them to update, and a rep will be able to search and take action on a record:

2. No more timeouts when logging calls

With this update, your team will never face a timeout issue when logging calls ☺️

3. Toggle Log a Call on or off

If your team doesn’t work out of Tasks or has other key actions you’d like to emphasize instead of logging a call, you can now toggle Log a Call on or off within a Meeting Workflow:

✅ New Conditions in Field Change Alerts

Got a multi-select picklist field you’re tracking in Salesforce, like “Competitor” or “Closed Lost Reason”?
Troops’ Field Change Alerts now support conditions on these fields. Simply select the multi-select picklist as you would any other field when building a workflow:
Paul Sondhi

Written by Paul Sondhi