It’s been a big year at Troops! And we are so grateful for the support of all of our partners, colleagues, and friends.

To round at the year, we wanted to recap the top 8 product updates that will help streamline your revenue operations and empower your team to make work more human. Without further ado . . .

1. Actions on Command

With actions on command create Leads, Accounts, Cases and other Salesforce records from Slack!

Type “/troops-action [+ENTER]” in any channel to bring up a list of records you can create from your Slack Desktop or Mobile app*.


 It’s easy to set up, but it does need to be configured before use.

2. Salesforce Approval Support

Leverage your existing approval processes, right from Slack. Troops Approvals gets your Salesforce approvals moving faster, makes sure they reach the right people, and provides key decision-making context where needed. 



Key elements include:

  • Approvals configuration builder for easy customization
  • Approver and submitter notifications
  • Comments
  • Smart routing to DMs and/or channels
  • Approval history view
  • Nudge support

Haven’t set up approvals yet? Go here to get started.

3. Deal Rooms

Deal Rooms are super-powered Slack channels that give your team access to everything it needs to close a deal and grow an account, right in Slack. By harmonizing channels with records in Salesforce like accounts or opportunities, you can turn Slack into your deal hub!


 Key functionality includes: 

  • Deal summaries
  • Salesforce updates
  • Calendar integration for meeting visibility
  • News alerts
  • Chatter updates
  • Smart document aggregation

We know that the best sales and success teams will be collaborating in this way moving forward. Get ahead of the curve: Deal Rooms is now live to turn on here!

4. And/Or Logic in Troops Workflow Builder

When creating a Workflow, you can now receive alerts when ANY required condition is met, not just when ALL of them are met like before.

This choice will affect the logic between each row.

 If I had 3 critical process fields and I wanted to know if any of them were empty, for example, I can now use OR logic to consolidate that request into one Workflow.

5. Cross Object Filters

On any field change alert, you can now leverage conditions from any referenced object in addition to the object you originally selected.


This enhanced functionality unlocks a ton of use cases to send even more targeted workflows on objects such as tasks, contact roles and more.

 To get started you just log into your Troops dashboard and begin building any workflow, or append to an existing workflow.

6. Upgraded Action Button Date Pickers and Multi-Select Support

Our customers love Troops action buttons, which allow you to update Salesforce directly from Slack through custom field sets.

 We’ve made action buttons even more powerful with the addition of date pickers as well as multi-select field support.



7. Easy Deal Room Creation from Anywhere in Slack or Workflows

 You can now create buttons that make it easy to spin up a deal room right in Slack. These can be attached to any workflow or accessed through any /troops  command.

 Add this action to your workflows so you can create a Deal Room anytime:

  • A complex, large deal is created
  • Legal or finance needs to be brought in
  • Execs are looped in to leverage their connections
  • Solutions engineers without Salesforce access are involved
  • You need to know the status of your team’s top accounts

To get started you just log into your Troops dashboard and add the “Create New Deal Room” action to any of your workflows or Troops Search configuration:



8. Optional/Required Fields on Action Buttons 

You can now designate on any given action button which fields are required or optional when submitting to update Salesforce.



 This is incredibly useful because it allows you to give your team both flexibility on certain workflows, while maintaining requirements that get you the data you need.

A popular use case for leveraging the optional/required fields criteria is around stage changes with exit criteria. 

Looking Forward to 2020!

We are so thankful for all your support over the last year. These product enhancements were driven by all the amazing feedback and support we’ve gotten from our customers and partners.

Moving ahead, our entire team is excited to continue to deliver customer value and delight in the new year! 




Written by Scott