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 The Troops team has been hard at work to bring you two exciting feature updates, which are now live for all Troops users. 

 Drum roll please...

Create Salesforce records from Slack, on command

You can now create Leads, Accounts, and other Salesforce records from anywhere, in Slack.

Just simply type “/troops-action [+ENTER]” in any channel to bring up a list of records you can create from your Slack Desktop or Mobile app*.

With Troops Actions on Command, you can now create records that may not be related to any other Record in Salesforce -- think new Leads, Accounts, or Cases that you want to be able to quickly add to Salesforce.

*It’s easy to set up, but this first needs to be configured before use. We've created some template buttons to make it a breeze. 

OR logic in Workflow Builder

When creating a Troops Workflow, you can now receive alerts when ANY required condition is met, not just when ALL of them are met like before.

This choice will affect the logic between each row.

If I had 3 critical process fields and I wanted to know if any of them were empty, for example, I can now use OR logic to consolidate that request into one Workflow.


We know that these have been requested by many of our customers, and we hope you enjoy these updates. As always, our ears are open for feedback so keep it coming!

-  The Troops Product Team




Written by Scott