Posted by Scott on Apr 11, 2017 9:14:39 AM

From the day we started
Troops, our vision has been to make work easier by facilitating the seamless push and pull of information about your customers through a messaging interface.

Today, that vision becomes reality with the introduction of our new Salesforce Search + Edit capability that allows you to search & edit any Salesforce record from directly within Slack.

Slack Search Edit - 3.23

Troops search + edit streamlines this workflow from a myriad of fields, load screens, and clicks, to a much faster and delightful way to update Salesforce.

Whether you are on your phone or at your desk, we believe this is the easiest way to interact with CRM data in the context of where meaningful conversations about your customers are already happening.


This new feature has been made possible in by building on Slack’s new interactive menu functionality which will continue to be baked into additional  parts of the Troops product.

How Does Troops Search + Edit Work?

Troops Search + Edit is free to use and works out of the box with the all standard and custom objects and the most popular fields.

To access this functionality, simply type /troops [search term] in Slack. Though this can be used in any message or channel, we recommend doing it in the #troops or #slackbot message to give it a test run in one player mode.

Though data will be visible to anyone in that channel or message, only users that have a Troops account and have connected their services (SFDC + Slack) will be able to utilize this functionality.

If you don’t already have one, you can get started for free today.

Can I Customize My Experience?

We know that every business has unique data points they care about seeing and updating which is why we’ve enabled you to completely customize the Search + Edit experience within the Troops dashboard. (1)

In the Troops’ Search + Edit customization dashboard, you can select up to 6 standard or custom objects you’d like to see when using a /troops command, as well as all of the fields you’d like to be able to see and update...and yes, we do support all of your custom fields!

Today, you can update any dropdown, numeric, or date value that does not require a validation rule across any object...and if you do run into a validation rule, we’ll let you know : )

Common use cases might include seamlessly updating a stage, status, amount, or close date after a meeting or while discussing a customer with your team or leadership.

Getting Started For Free

Hundreds of companies are already using Troops search and edit to power up their sales and success teams, and we hope you will too!

To get started, you can create a free account here in less than 30 seconds at by simply connecting your really is that easy.

Happy updating!

Did we really just say that? ; )



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