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What's New in Troops Admin Management

By Ashley Mao on Apr 27, 2022 3:15:33 PM

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Our mission is to make work easier, more efficient and productive for revenue teams, including those managing operations and enablement. Our latest Troops administrative controls make it simple to manage workflows and process adoption, even across large enterprise teams.

Last month, we released the ability to route Signals using Account and Opportunity Teams and custom User Groups to help you dynamically deliver the right messages to the right groups of people to streamline processes. Today, we're excited to share our latest features and enhancements that enable Troops admins to create, manage and maintain control over actionable, intuitive workflows for their teams.


Guide and drive your teams to action with Grid Admin Controls 


Grid Admin


Grid Objects and Fields Settings give Admins control over which objects and fields their teams can access via our inline editing feature Grid, helping streamline Grid configuration and empower teams with the guidance and flexibility they need to quickly update their records.

Set rules for which objects users can access/create new records for via Grid, as well as fields that are required, read only, or hidden from users. For instance, you can:

  • Make Account Name or Opportunity Owner a required field for all Grids

  • Hide deprecated Objects/Fields that still exist within your Source platform

  • Limit people from creating new Opportunities within Grid if you prefer it in the Source

With a simple, intuitive interface for quickly setting these rules, Troops makes it quick and easy for you to aid your team with guardrails for what they can see or do using Grid.


New diagnostic tools help Troops admins stay organized 

Sometimes, you need an overview of your Signals and Actions to help you stay organized and get a pulse on all of your workflows. With Signals and Actions Exports, easily review all of your Signals and Actions in a CSV export, which includes an overview of details like Signal/Action type, date created, and status. To quickly identify any Signals or Actions that may have issues, our latest Diagnostic Reporting tool helps you zero in on any Troops alerts that need your attention.


Troops helps bridge the gap between your CRM platforms and collaboration tools like Slack and Teams, making it easy to access and update records and critical information, no matter where or how your team likes to work. Built with user experience in mind, we make it simple for you to make scalable updates as your needs change.

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Ashley Mao

Written by Ashley Mao

Senior Product Marketing Manager at Troops