Our Co-Founder & CEO, Dan Reich, has been interviewed for the SaaStr Podcast.
Here's the link to the iTunes SaaStr podcast. You can listen to Dan on Episode 195.

Harry Stebbings and Dan Reich discuss:

  • How Dan made his way into the world of SaaS with the founding of Spinback?
  • How that led to his founding of the ultimate slackbot for sales teams in Troops?
  • How the experience with Spinback affected his operating mindset with Troops today?
  • Why does Dan believe that the current modelling of org charts is fundamentally upside down?
  • How does Dan think about when is the right time to insert the first level of managers? What should one look for in those managers?
  • Does Dan believe you have to hire “logo players” from big firms at some point in the journey?
  • Why does Dan believe that your customer success has to be obsessed with asking why?
  • Taking a step back, how does Dan think about when the right time is to hire your first CS rep?
  • How has Dan seen the best companies do post-mortem analysis on churn?
  • What can be done to ensure seamless communications between product and customer success teams?
  • Dan has a knack for knowing where the puck is going with large enterprises before anyone else. How? What does this ideation process look like?
  • Once the idea has been created, what does Dan believe is crucial to the success of partnering with the behemoths of Salesforce and Slack? How can startups navigate the internal politics of these mega enterprises?
  • How can they use this exercise to not only understand the politics themselves but also build credibility and trust with the organizations once inside?
  • Where does Dan see most founders going wrong both in introductions to enterprise and then building trust once inside?
  • Dan’s 60 Second SaaStr: What does Dan know now that he wishes he had known at the beginning?
  • What is Dan’s favorite story of hustle? Why that one?
  • Who does Dan believe is killing it in the world of SaaS today?
Tommy Klouwers

Written by Tommy Klouwers

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