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Sally & Troops: How Do They Differ?

By Evan Patterson on September 30, 2021

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Gainsight, the leading Customer Cloud Platform, helps customer success teams grow faster and retain more accounts. They’ve taken this one step further by bringing their platform into Slack with their Sally bot.


But for some Gainsight customers, Sallybot is the wrong tool or not sufficient on its own to serve the robust needs of customer success teams. In this blog post, we explain when Gainsight customers may want to explore using Troops in addition or instead of Sally.


What Is Sally bot?


Sally is a Slack bot that enables Gainsight customers to interact with their Gainsight data inside of Slack.   Sally provides CS teams with real time alerts on the data in the standard Account object, and also allows users to query data from Gainsigt directly from within Slack, rather than having to log in to Gainsight’s application.


Customer teams find value from Sally’s Slack various Slack alerts regarding their company’s customers:

  • Survey Response Submitted
  • Call-To-Action Created
  • Call-To-Action Status Updated
  • Activity Created
  • Company Intelligence


Sally doesn’t stop there.


The bot also allows teams to receive timeline alerts, such as when you’re mentioned in activities or comments, or various workflow notifications, such as assigned CTAs and tasks or success plan due date changes and assignments.


However, there are some limitations to what Sally can do.


Collaboration Inside Microsoft Teams


For customer success teams who use Microsoft Teams rather than Slack, Sally is not an option.  Sally only works inside Slack.  Companies that use MS Teams need another method for getting Gainsight data into their messaging app to facilitate better account collaboration.   


Scheduled Workflows


While Sally bot will let you know when all of these things previously mentioned happen in real time, it isn’t able to provide your team with scheduled alerts.


High-volume customer success teams receiving large quantities of survey response submissions, created CTAs, or upcoming renewals, do not get informed of the due dates day of or in a regularly scheduled manner; only in real-time, forcing them to be reactive rather than proactive


This level of transparency isn’t always sufficient for these high-volume teams. They need scheduled workflows that get them visibility into these actions and important pieces of information to them on a schedule of their choosing. 


Custom Objects


Companies often have several custom objects in Gainsight alongside the standard ones. While Sally supports these objects there are some significant limitations.


Gainsight’s Sally can support 3 custom objects at a time. Because of Troops’s recent integration with Gainsight, their users can leverage all objects in Gainsight, including custom ones, as Troops supports over 50 objects.




Sally’s alerts are exactly that: alerts. Users cannot take action directly from Sally’s alerts in Slack. However, with Troops, not only can users take action directly from the alert, they can use both custom and pre-built objects in customizable alerts. This flexibility allows for users and teams to create powerful workflows and processes that meet each need within the organization.


An example of increased customization and extra visibility would be how Troops can enable your team to be informed in real-time or in scheduled workflows of trend alerts, such as a health score increasing by 20%.


Multiple Organizations


Most enterprise businesses aren’t living in a one-to-one world of instances and platforms. Sally connects once to one instance or organization’s Slack.


In contrast, Troops enables further flexibility for the teams that need it by allowing for multiple instances of Gainsight communicating to multiple instances of Slack or Microsoft Teams.


Larger organizations or businesses working through recent mergers and acquisitions often benefit from this additional layer of flexibility in the integration strategy. 


Troops Human Workflows for Gainsight


Troops’s new integration with Gainsight paves the way for Customer Success teams to harness the power of the Gainsight platform more than ever before. Completely codeless, teams and individuals can push key insights to account owners (individual users and account teams) in real time through powerful workflows.


Teams looking to build more streamlined human workflows that want to reduce context shifting and boost productivity. This can mean empowering the entire time. 


In contrast to Sally, Troops’s power extends to the users themselves, as these workflows and alerts can be turned on by each individual user. That way your team doesn’t have to wait for these signals to be rolled out at scale.


sallyvstroop (1)


Sally, Troops, or Both


Sally bot can certainly be effective for certain teams and use cases. 


By reducing context shifting, improving visibility, increasing collaboration, and leveraging the concept of a user through human workflows in Slack or Microsoft Teams, Gainsight users can harness the power of their platform more than ever before.


Sally bot will get you started, but Troops will certainly take your team to that next level. 


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Evan Patterson

Written by Evan Patterson

Content & Community Evangelist at Troops

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