Fact: following up with an inbound lead immediately after they reach out significantly increases your chances of success.

Some studies show that your ability to respond to them within 5 minutes, increases your chances of actually getting a meeting by about 10x!


For this reason, many sales development and marketing teams closely monitor their time to touch or speed to lead.

Even when companies work hard to improve this, they still find that decreasing their time to work leads proves to be difficult.

Today we wanted to share how one Troops’ customer PandaDoc was able to decrease their lead response time to less than 5 minutes using Troops' slack lead alerts.




You can read more below or check out the case study ^.

The Same Ol Strategy Needed Revisiting

Before Troops, PandaDoc did what most companies do.

Leads would submit their information on their website, and if they met a certain criteria (i.e. demo request) the lead owner would be notified over email.

Most of the team’s email inbox was full, making it often difficult to read and react quickly...not to mention many of the team did not monitor their emails on mobile when they were going to lunch or out of the office.

The team was spending more and more time in Slack, and given the real-time nature of the interface, the leadership team was excited about experimenting with alerting lead owners about new lead assignments via Slack.


In just a few clicks, slack lead alerts were implemented using Troops’ workflow builder.

Since everyone was already so used to Slack, the team adopted the workflow right out of the gates and felt the impact immediately.

Results were in after one month and they had achieved the elusive ‘under 5 minute’ response times on leads that met their qualification criteria.

This yielded an increase in demos, which ultimately means more revenue, and you can bet the marketing team that was driving those leads were excited : )

Why is this Slack workflow powerful?

There’s a few reasons and we’ll be writing more about this soon, but I think the short answer is, it’s just way easier to read and react to time sensitive insights like a new lead or buying signal in Slack.


The key is making sure to keep these high signal and highly visible so that when trigger conditions are met, reps know it’s time to go!

Interested in Decreasing Lead Response Time?

As more and more companies optimize their businesses using Troops’ actionable workflow, we wanted to make it super easy for our customer to deploy best in practice use cases.

So inside your Troops template library, you can set up and tailor your new lead alert for your organization in just a few clicks!


You’ll notice that these can be routed directly to any Salesforce users, channels, or even individuals in Slack, so you have complete flexibility of where these get routed as well as the information your team can quickly see.

You can get going with Troops slack lead alerts in our workflow library today or always email us if you have any questions.



Scott Britton

Written by Scott Britton

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