There's a reason Slack has skyrocketed from $0 to a $4 billion dollar valuation in a just a few years...

It's because their product is creating enormous value for many companies

We wanted to know more about how high performing sales organizations are leveraging Slack so we asked some leaders in our network about the specific use cases they've implemented within their sales organization.

Their answers were incredibly interesting even for us as we are pretty squarely focused on serving companies with sales teams using Slack. If your organization is not yet on Slack, check out this Ultimate Starter Guide.

Here's what they said...

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What is clear to me is that piping data where conversation happens is changing the way many companies do business.

If you break out the Slack tips & use cases you'll see that people are using it in different ways that wasn't necessarily easy to do before in such a real-time, collaborative manner.

Amongst sales teams:

Collaboration around RFP processes

Salesforce on-boarding

Centralize tribal knowledge

Internal sales wiki

Across departments or company wide:

Replace unnecessary meetings

Track stage movement

Connect sales and non-sales

Sales gong

One player mode:

On-site engagement with inbound leads

Increased focus with automated pipeline activity

Mobile Salesforce lookups

Perhaps even more interesting is that it's still early innings in this new paradigm of messaging as the interface. These Slack tips are really just scratching the surface of new ways organizations will drive productivity.

As the ecosystem of bots and integrations grows and matures, use cases that previously were not possible (or even obvious) will start to emerge. We're excited to play a role in this story and share the things we learn with you along the way!

slack tips

But we don't want to be the only one sharing. Another reason we publish content is to make it easy to learn from you...

How does your sales team use Slack? Let us know in the comments and maybe we can include you in the 2nd edition of this presentation!


Scott Britton

Written by Scott Britton

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