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Why we're excited to hire a Marketer
10 min read

We’re making our first marketing hire at Troops, and I gotta say I am pumpedddd.

A Glimpse into the Future of Messaging-First Onboarding
17 min read

This post originally appeared on Medium.

In June, Slack announced that they had added buttons to their developer kit. From...

The Birth of the AI Powered Salesperson
5 min read

Last week, Salesforce announced Einstein - their upcoming project to introduce Artificial Intelligence (AI) to their platform....

What Does Jarvis For Work Look Like?
7 min read

This post originally appeared on TechCrunch.

From Harvard to Bots...Surprises From My Tech Startup Internship
6 min read

When people think startup, they often think gourmet cafeterias, zany office designs, and unlimited perks for their young...

Chat + AI Changing the Face of CRM
6 min read

This is a guest post written by Michael Gilroy, Venture Investor at Canaan Partners. It originally appeared on Medium.