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How Troops is different from the native Slack- Salesforce integration
21 min read

In October 2019, at Slack Frontiers London, Slack and Salesforce announced availability of a deeper integration between Slack...

Making Sense of COVID-19 with CRM Tracking
8 min read

"You can only manage what you measure” - Peter Drucker

Companies everywhere are trying to get a grasp on how—and how much— the...

Troops vs. the Native Slack Salesforce Integration
20 min read

In October 2019, at Slack Frontiers London, Slack and Salesforce announced availability of a deeper integration between Slack...

How to Keep Your Team Accountable to Pre-Meeting Research
9 min read

We’ve discussed this in previous posts, but the average discovery meeting costs over $700. In some enterprise environments,...

eBook: The Definitive Guide to Account Based Collaboration: Part 1
1 min read

Companies that are winning are about delivering the ultimate customer experience.

How to Improve the Quality of Your Discovery Meetings at Scale
7 min read

The average first meeting for a B2B SaaS company today costs over $700. At many enterprise companies, it often costs a lot...

How to Rapidly Improve Your SDRs Cold Call Quality Using Automation
6 min read

Here at Troops, we’re always looking for new ways to optimize our own workflows to drive better sales processes and improve...

SaaStr Podcast Episode 216: CEO Dan Reich on Account Based Collaboration
10 min read

Last year, our Co-Founder and CEO, Dan Reich, joined Harry Stebbings for an episode of the SaaStr Podcast. In the episode, Dan...

What Is Account Based Collaboration?
10 min read

Account Based Collaboration is a transformative approach to selling that has emerged in the last few years among...

How Dynamic Yield Uses Automation to Improve Their Quarterly Business Review (QBR) Process
6 min read

As the Head of Customer Success Operations at Dynamic Yield, Rona Yang’s job is clear: equip her team with the tools they need...

Better Forecasting, Lower Churn. How Sales Engineers Positively Impact the Sales Process at Optimizely
9 min read

Salespeople are notorious for having rose-colored glasses and happy ears. Many think every deal will close—and at the highest...

Increase Inbound Close Rates by Bringing Lead Activity into Slack
4 min read

Following up quickly with an inbound lead can make or break your deal.

How Salesforce Automation Helped this Public Company Improve Sales Forecast Accuracy by 20% in 2 Months
5 min read

The head of sales for a well-known, global company hit a major roadblock in summer 2017. He wanted his sales team to grow. At...

How Culture Amp Got Their Team to Use Data as a Weapon
3 min read

For Salesforce geeks like myself, building a new dashboard can be a very satisfying feeling.

How SmartRecruiters Increased Visibility While Reducing Inbox Clutter
2 min read

"The amount of Salesforce notifications emails and unnecessary reply-alls was getting out of control."

Meet Mike, a Sales...

How To Build A Lead Follow Up Machine On Slack
8 min read

If you haven’t heard, following up with an inbound lead immediately after they raise their hand vastly increases your chances...