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Salesforce Completes Acquisition of Slack: The Future of System to Human Connectivity
2 min read

Today, Salesforce announced that their deal to acquire Slack has been finalized and the two teams will get to work making their...

What a year it has been: 2020 in review
3 min read

To say “what a year” is an understatement, but here a few things we accomplished in 2020.

What could Salesforce do with Slack?
12 min read

“This is a match made in heaven,” — Marc Benioff

As someone who has been embedded in the collision of CRM and messaging for over...

Salesforce acquiring Slack: Why that's a good thing for the future of work
10 min read

"Did you see the news that Salesforce is acquiring Slack?"I've been getting a lot of notes like this over the past few days.It's...