“What if using a CRM was as easy as sending a text message to a friend?”

When chat as an interface came onto the scene and everyone was excited about making it easier to order food or book travel, we were more fascinated about what this could mean for making the systems we used everyday at work easier.


Having backgrounds in Sales and Business Development, our CRM was at the core of our work lives which fostered a deep appreciation for how important it is to a business. At the same time, we saw first hand how challenging it can be for many organizations to use CRM effectively.

It became clear to us that for a long time humans had been forced to conform to software instead of software adapting to how we naturally behaved. This friction makes software harder to use, and as a result, has introduced challenges around adoption and compliance...aka getting people to actually use it!

What Happens When Software is Hard to Use...

If you've used any of these systems before, you know that this friction can result in loss of revenue, organizational misalignment, and overall diminished job satisfaction.

Since we started Troops, our mission has been “to make work easier.”

In order to accomplish this, from Day 1 we have worked to bridge the gap between the systems we use at work everyday and the behavior everyone does and is increasingly pervading the workplace in a meaningful way: messaging.

When we got started there were no bots, let alone stores for them.

There was just a mounting body of evidence that the world was becoming mobile and the lines were beginning to blur between the apps we at used at work and in our personal lives.

We just happened to believe that “mobile first” really meant messaging first for many use cases.





Introducing Troops

Today, we’re excited to bring a very early version of this vision to the world by making a large portion of Troops’ platform and bot publicly available for free.

In its current form, Troops is a Slackbot for sales teams that makes it easier to use your CRM and configure intelligence so that you can stay on top of your most precious relationships and customers.




The initial integrations that power this experience are Salesforce, Google Apps (mail & calendar), and Slack, along with some pretty sophisticated data processing and analysis technology behind the scenes. We’ve chosen these integrations first because this is where Sales and Customer Success teams are already working.

Our platform, facilitates a highly customized experience that you can tailor specifically for your organization's data, processes and needs.



We understand that every business has very unique information and workflow they care about, so we've built everything in a way that is highly customizable, yet easy to implement.

Looking Forward and Some Funding News...

Over time, Troops’ bot will evolve to work with more systems and platforms, while also becoming more intelligent. This will allow us to support more functions beyond the ones outlined above.

To make this happen, we’re also excited to announce that we've raised a $7 million series A led by Felicis Ventures.

We’ll use this capital to continue to invest heavily in product and engineering, as well as the infrastructure to create and support happy customers.

In this round of financing, we're very excited to welcome some additional new investors such as Aspect Ventures, Slack Fund, Susa Ventures, and Flight.VC to our family - and of course we can’t forget the continued support of everyone who believed in us from the beginning. To everyone at First Round Capital, NextView Ventures, Chicago Ventures, Great Oaks Venture Capital, Founder Collective, and Vast Ventures, we are very thankful to have you on our side... angels we love you too : )

If you are excited about our mission to make the systems we use at work easier and more intelligent, drop us a line and/or create a free account at Troops.ai.


BTW we are on Product Hunt today here! Let us know what you think in the comments and upvotes are always appreciated : )


Scott Britton

Written by Scott Britton

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