Salesforce CPQ is designed to help make the quote-to-cash process fast, efficient and collaborative for your team, so that you can win more deals and collect cash quicker.  


However, for many companies, even after they’ve deployed Salesforce CPQ, their quote to cash process is still slow, error prone, and provides customers with a sub-optimal experience. 


This is because the quote to cash process is inherently complex and collaborative, usually requiring 4 or more teams, possibly working from a variety of locations, to get involved at one point or another.  


Unfortunately, it’s not always clear who needs to get involved and when. This problem stems from multiple quotes circulating at once, people not actively going into Salesforce or not having access to Salesforce, or people forgetting to complete key tasks


Moreover, as we continue to work from anywhere and in our new Digital HQs, executing this process remotely can become even more tricky. 



That’s where Troops’s new integration with Salesforce CPQ comes in.


Troops makes the CPQ process seamless, more efficient, and collaborative by:

    • Routing Direct Message alerts to people in Slack and MS Teams based on their role in the process and when action is required of them 
    • Workflow and Approvals to approve or reject quotes, pricing and terms directly from within Slack and MS Teams
    • Driving collaboration and communication among the many departments involved in the CPQ process including Sales, Operations, Professional Services, Customer Support, Provisioning, Finance, and  Accounting
    • Democratizing information so that the CPQ process sheds obstacles and picks up speed and agility
    • Bulk Actions with Grid enable teams to quickly review, edit, update and approve multiple quotes at once

New call-to-action

“Slalom worked with Troops on this new and exciting Salesforce CPQ integration solution. Troops, combined with CPQ and Slack, substantiates the power of a Slack-first approach, removing friction and improving customer relationships. Alerting users about Salesforce CPQ actions in Slack accelerates sales cycles and dramatically boosts cross-functional collaboration, delivering the best competitive customer buying experience." -

Craig Poirier, Sr. Director Enterprise Architecture & Integration, Slalom


By using Troops to create Human Workflows between Salesforce CPQ and Slack or MS Teams, companies are winning more deals, speeding up the quote to cash process, and delivering a better experience for their customers.


We’re helping sales teams break any silos and bridge gaps by bringing CPQ into the modern age.


Dive deeper into how Troops makes all of this possible with our latest Salesforce CPQ integration by reading the CPQ Field Guide.


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Roque Versace

Written by Roque Versace

Chief Revenue Officer

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