2018 was a milestone year for Troops with tremendous year-on-year growth.

In 2019 already, with over 4 months still remaining, Troops has already achieved a 178% year-to-date increase in revenue as hundreds of companies are looking to leverage intelligent automation and Account Based Collaboration to help sales teams reach their potential. 

With the release of new products such as Deal Rooms, and the addition of key roles to the growing team, Troops is heading toward a strong close of 2019.

Breaking New Ground with Account Based Collaboration (ABC)

With companies like Slack, WeWork, Hearst, InVision and more championing their product, Troops has seen Account Based Collaboration continue to grow. 

With close to 11,000 users on the platform, collaboration is growing in popularity and continues to manifest itself as the favored strategy for modern sales teams. As cited in early research across 500+ teams, 70% of companies are now using Account Based Collaboration to win, grow, and expand their most important accounts.

A photo of Dan Reich of Troops

“Companies are beginning to realize that enterprise messaging is becoming the collaboration hub for work and are now trying to figure out how to ensure this medium is driving real ROI and growth for their business. This is why we’ll see an increase in the number of companies looking for no-code solutions to help them develop and deploy customer-facing workflow and solutions for their teams on this medium.”

- Dan Reich, CEO and Co-Founder of Troops

New Product Releases to Increase Sales Execution & Collaboration

Since closing an additional $12 million Series B round, led by Aspect Ventures, Troops has focused on R&D to build products that help sales teams work better together.

With the launch of Deal Rooms, a collaborative real-time hub to discuss specific deals, 25% of Troops customers have implemented deal rooms as a part of their process since it’s launch just 3 months ago

Other notable product updates include: 

  • Intelligent + Custom Actions on Command - users can make real-time updates to their CRM, email customers, call customers, and moreright from within Slack. 
  • Advanced Operators + More Customization in Troops’ Workflow Builder - Troops added even more functionality to their workflow and automation platform giving companies the ability to develop and deploy sophisticated business processes at scale.
  • International Multi-Currency Support - As the Troops customer base continues to expand internationally, the need to support global currency expanded too. This is now supported in many currencies. 
  • Salesforce Approvals Support (in Closed Beta) - Troops is currently rolling out approval process management to help companies accelerate and improve their approval, cash to quote, billing, and invoicing processes. 

Recruiting Top Industry Hires 

Troops has almost doubled employees to its offices in New York and newly opened office in San Francisco. With a key rolesuch as Chief Revenue Officerbeing filled by Sales leader veteran, Roque Versace, Troops is ready for the next stage of accelerated growth.

Key Developments in 2019

  • Release of Troops Deal Rooms, which empowers sales teams to work together on your biggest and most important deals and accounts.
  • Troops surpasses the 10,000 user mark in June.
  • On average, companies now run over 120 business processes through Troops
  • Troops eclipses over 200 customers in Q1
  • Troops grows headcount by over 50% in New York HQ and opened a San Francisco office.
  • Growth of global customer base, adding customers in 13 countries (including accounts across Europe, Australia, and Asia).
  • Customer net retention year to date exceeds over 135%
  • Troops on track for a tremendously successful year reporting a 178% year-on-year growth as of August, 2019.

Looking Ahead

For the remainder of the year, Troops has a lot of big things planned! On the product side of things, we will be launching approval processes more broadly, enhancements to our deal rooms product suite, as well as additional functionality to help enterprises make their teams successful at scale. 

Coupled with these efforts, we will be continuing to invest in our go to market teams to better serve our customers.


Looking to improve your sales process execution? Use Troops to drive real-time data capture and coaching for free here or Request A Demo from our team to learn more.


Scott Britton

Written by Scott Britton

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