We are excited to announce that Troops now officially integrates into Gainsight, the leading customer success management SaaS platform.   Using Troops, Gainsight customers can now use Slack or Microsoft Teams to enter information into Gainsight, as well as send alerts to customer teams of key signals and events.


Our new integration with Gainsight provides a whole new way for Customer Success (CS) teams to leverage the power of the Gainsight platform.   They can now quickly build powerful workflows, without any code or APIs, to quickly push key insights to account owners (individual users and account teams) in real time.  Teams are already collaborating on their accounts inside their messaging apps, and now with Troops, can easily include key information from Gainsight into the discussion in real time.  


With Troops, CS teams can combine the powerful data collection and tracking capabilities of Gainsight, with the collaboration capabilities of Slack and Microsoft Teams.   The messaging platforms are emerging as the new operating systems for employees, acting as a single window into the entire business.  


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Here are some of the ways customers are already using Troops with Gainsight:


Enter Customer Meeting Notes for Timeline Entries

Customer Success teams can enter meeting notes directly into Slack or Microsoft Teams. Troops will sync them into Gainsight and simultaneously add them to the customer timeline.


Manage CTAs and Success Plans

Receive signals on CTAs and success plans due to make updating and staying on top of your base a breeze.


Track Responses to CSAT and NPS Surveys

Get notified instantly when a customer completes a CSAT or NPS survey to enable quick follow up with customers as necessary.


Highlight At Risk Accounts

Quickly notify account teams when an account is at risk of churn due to low adoption or low / missing health scores, and the account is due to renew in the next 120 days to allow for proactive behavior.


Identify Expansion Opportunities

Let accounts teams know when an account’s usage has grown or added more users to your product, signaling to your team at the right time that there may be expansion opportunities worth taking advantage of.


For CS teams managing multiple accounts, these insights can help them dramatically improve how they respond to customers and the service they provide.   


To learn more about how to use Troops to connect Gainsight to Slack or Microsoft Teams, without any code, sign up for our Free Trial in just 10 clicks.


Evan Patterson

Written by Evan Patterson

Content & Community Evangelist at Troops

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