For the past few years, Troops has been focused on connecting Salesforce with enterprise messaging systems including Slack and Microsoft Teams. Our mission has always been to bridge the system-to-human gap by bringing data to people, rather than forcing them to navigate static fields, forms, buttons and boxes. Today hundreds of customers useTroops to drive more value from Salesforce through Slack and MS Teams.

These clients, seeing the power of getting actionable data delivered to them in real time, have been asking us to extend Troops to work with other key systems within their Go To Market (GTM) tech stacks.

That’s why we’re excited to announce that Troops now connects Outreach with Slack and Microsoft Teams. Outreach has become a mission-critical sales engagement platform, helping drive relevant, personalized engagements with prospects and customers at scale.

But just like Salesforce, Outreach generates a ton of data and it's easy for users to miss out on actionable insights. By fully integrating Outreach with Slack and Microsoft Teams, users can immediately identify any relevant sales engagement activity and take the right follow up action.

Using Troops, GTM teams create real-time and scheduled alerts in Slack and Microsoft Teams about key prospects and sequences. Here are some of the key ways Troops customers are leveraging Troops to connect Outreach with Slack and MS Teams:

Accounts that haven’t been touched in x days - Quickly identify accounts that need to be sequenced.

Prospect click count / open count / engagement score changes - Focus on contacts with rising engagement scores.

Time-sensitive tasks due - Notify reps when they have a task due such as as a new prospect added to a hot handraiser sequence.

Engaged prospect has finished a sequence - Help reps identify when a prospect has completed a sequence and can be added to a new sequence or moved to nurturing.

Overdue tasks - Managers can easily keep track of their teams’ overdue tasks and help keep them on schedule.

Cold call coaching - Managers can receive real-time alerts at the end of a call to provide real-time feedback and coaching.

Sequence performance signals - Quickly identify high and low performing sequences and help optimize performance.

List of stale sequences - Ensure your team is leveraging the most current content by identifying sequences that haven’t been updated recently.

Add Prospects to a Sequence - Send alerts based on Outreach or Salesforce signals and allow reps to easily add to a sequence.


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“Outreach is an organization that’s transforming the sales engagement platform, and by connecting Outreach to Slack and MS Teams, where GTM teams are increasingly spending more of their time, Troops is helping accelerate that transformation,” said Max Altuscher, Outreach’s VP of Sales Engagement. “Companies looking to keep an accurate pulse on all of their accounts and the performance of their content and activities should leverage the power of Troops to connect Outreach to their messaging platforms.”

Troops for Outreach is available to all existing Troops clients and any business utilizing Outreach along with Slack or Microsoft Teams.

To see how you can supercharge your sales engagement strategy by connecting Outreach to Slack or Microsoft teams, try Troops for free.


Scott Britton

Written by Scott Britton

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