Troops is taking another step today to meet our customers where they are: we are joining the Microsoft for Startups program and providing support for Microsoft Teams, Dynamics 365 and Azure.

For the past few years Troops has been focused on connecting systems of record like Salesforce, JIRA, Outreach, Intercom and more with the enterprise messaging interfaces like Slack and more recently, Microsoft Teams. We’ve always believed that there would be a big computing shift away from fields, forms, buttons and boxes and to something more human or more conversational.

Over the past year, we’ve seen this shift accelerate at a faster pace than even we could have predicted when we first started Troops. Between Salesforce’s acquisition of Slack for $28B and Microsoft Team’s growth to 145 million daily active users (DAUs) up from 75 million just last year, it’s clear that people prefer to spend their time in these mediums in order to consume information, accomplish their work and collaborate with their teammates.

Some of the fastest growing companies in the world like Twilio, Shopify, Stripe, Andela and Cameo all agree and it’s why they are retooling their organizations with new ways of integrating and automating their most important business processes. Making these changes allows these companies to:

  • Make work easier for their employees by providing them with elegant and painless tools
  • Increase organizational visibility especially when most companies are working remotely
  • Improve decision making across the board

By working more closely with Microsoft and their team, we will now be able to provide more critical signals and value to a growing number of companies running on Azure, and the 145 million DAUs of Teams, looking to transform their organization.

Specifically, we’ll be continuing to invest in even greater enterprise support to help these large scale companies manage this transformation. With this announcement, we are also launching new enterprise-ready capabilities:

  • Enterprise customers can now build no-code signals that deliver to multiple Microsoft Teams workspaces and multiple Slack workspaces, all within the same company.
  • Analytics to measure and optimize the performance of these integrations and business processes.
  • More flexibility, scalability and security with the ability to host these workflows in Azure, in addition to AWS.
  • Closer coordination and collaboration between the Troops and Microsoft commercial teams, by partnering with them on co-marketing and co-selling initiatives, to ensure we are delivering best-in-class solutions against the most strategic initiatives for our mutual customers.

At Troops, we’ve always decided to build where our customers were doing work which is why we are excited to continue that journey and bring our enterprise-ready solutions to all of the companies using Microsoft Teams, Dynamics 365 and Azure.
Dan Reich

Written by Dan Reich

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