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AppsFlyer Grows Customer Success with Troops

By Julie Gibbs on February 1, 2020

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AppsFlyer, the global attribution leader, empowers brands with a holistic view of every user journey across platforms, channels, and devices. The company has more than 12,000 customers, including Walmart, Nike, HBO, Tencent, and NBC Universal. Its ecosystem of 5,000+ technology partners includes Facebook, Google, Apple Search Ads, Salesforce, and Adobe. In the past three years, AppsFlyer has grown from 180 to 900 employees.

We recently spoke with Ziv Peled, Chief Customer Officer, and Asaf Klein, Director of Client Services, Strategy & Operations. Ziv leads a global team of more than 150 Customer Success Managers (CSMs) from pre-sales through onboarding, adoption, and advocacy. His teams are global, located in 12 offices around the world. Needless to say, managing AppsFlyer’s global growth at this scale is challenging.



Why they brought in Troops

“Troops is the business-intelligent layer of the data pipeline,” says Ziv, “Troops enables you to build any trigger for any information in Salesforce and ‘actionalize’ it in Slack.” We love that AppsFlyer describes Troops with their homegrown term “actionalize,” meaning that they can respond to an event or new information with the right action to get the job done accurately and fast.

Other technologies that AppsFlyer tried sent out alerts via email, but they couldn’t automate workflows or work over Slack. “We know our people live in Slack. The combination of Slack and Salesforce was key to us,” notes Ziv.

Unlike other solutions, Troops enables write back to Salesforce directly from Slack, as part of the workflow. In addition, Troops provides visibility into Salesforce data even for people who don’t have Salesforce licenses, so that everyone can stay on top of what’s happening with key accounts.

Ziv and Asaf have found that Salesforce can be a challenging system for distributed and remote teams to work with, even with its mobile app. Integrating their other systems with Slack, using Zapier, doesn’t enable workflow or Salesforce data entry and access the way that Troops does.

Prior to using Troops, they created a Zendesk channel in Slack using Zapier, but that required an engineer to create the workflow and make any changes to it, slowing down the process. Speed is critical for a global company growing as fast as AppsFlyer.

“I love Troops!” says Ziv. “It makes life easier and helps us move faster.”


How AppsFlyer uses Troops for Customer Success

AppsFlyer started using Troops to log calls.

“We have a very global team and not everyone would use automation. The approach and tools used differed by team region and many of them had to manually log calls. With Troops, they can now log calls directly from slack, so that saved them time and manual steps. It also greatly improved data quality.” says Asaf.

Before Troops, CSMs worked directly in Salesforce; with Troops, they can get 100% of the data they need in Slack, much faster. “Using Troops is like having a personal assistant,” says Ziv. “It’s like we’re giving everyone on the team their own personal assistants.”

AppsFlyer uses a variety of technologies, with Salesforce serving as the company’s core system of record. Everything, including product access, goes through Salesforce. In addition to Troops and Slack, they use Looker, Asana, Intercom, Zendesk, Zoom, Gmail, and more. Because of the company’s fast growth, Ziv and Asaf work to help CSMs stay focused and prevent them from getting distracted by the various technologies and sources of information new CSMs have to learn and navigate.

“What I love about Troops is that it works behind the scenes,” says Asaf. “It’s not another application to learn, it fits in seamlessly with Slack and Salesforce and makes it easy for people to do what they need to do.”

Alerts Troops notifications are sent daily to CSMs to help them stay on top of their tasks, log calls, and celebrate milestones. For example, Troops alerts CSMs of all trials that are going to end in seven days. Troops also alerts CSMs if they haven’t been in touch with top customers in the past 14 days.

Workflows “You need the right process, with just the right information at the right time,” Ziv says. “With Troops I can build the workflows myself, so everyone gets the information they need in real time, when it matters, and can act on it immediately. I won’t get the Salesforce report until the next day, which might be too late.”

As a global company, AppsFlyer uses Troops to enable more than 130 people on different teams to work the way their regional teams want to work. They use Troops for over 20 workflows, company wide.

The value is broad and Ziv is constantly finding new ways to apply troops and add value. For example, AppsFlyer recently added Crunchbase data to Salesforce and created a workflow so that Ziv can get Troops alerts on funding updates for tier one companies immediately, on Slack, and reach out. The company has a tradition of sending custom-made cakes to help their customers celebrate achievements and milestones, and show a little customer love. In addition, their finance team recently started using Troops for invoice workflows.

Approvals AppsFlyer also uses Troops Approvals to speed their Salesforce Approvals process. One main benefit here is that accessing the account information they need is easy through Troops and saves them time.


Key Benefits

Performance: “When your company is growing fast, you need to be proactive, you need alerts to make sure nothing falls between the cracks,” shares Asaf. “We’re on top of things, so that people don’t miss the obvious and they’re enabled.” Some CSMs have even created their own workflows with Troops, to better support their unique needs and serve their customers.

“With Troops, our data is actionable and we just move faster,” says Ziv.

Visibility and access from anywhere: Ziv’s enthusiasm for Troops is evident: “With Troops, you can browse Salesforce in Slack and it’s so fast! You can immediately see your accounts and customers, what stage, who is the sales manager, who is the CSM. I know everything and it’s in the palm of my hand [on my phone] because of Troops. This is so valuable!”

Productivity and Speed: “In the end what we look for are ease of use and speed, and that’s Troops,” says Ziv. Deployment was easy, and they saw value fast. “And Troops people are great—almost as fast as the Troops product,” laughs Ziv.

What three words would Ziv and Asaf use to describe Troops? “Easy. Fast. Amazing.”



What’s next with Troops?

AppsFlyer is looking to Troops to enable more efficiency, showing CSMs what they did yesterday, helping them become more proactive, and nudging them to do what needs to get done in real time.

And Ziv is planning use cases for the company’s product team: “Customers request features through Salesforce. I want to use Troops to get Product Managers to update the status of those requests. The opportunities are endless.”

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Julie Gibbs

Written by Julie Gibbs

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