As Sales and Customer Success reps, keeping our accounts and deals up to date is time consuming. Spreading customer data across multiple objects in the CRM makes keeping data current even harder. For example, when Sales reps work a deal in Salesforce, they have to continually update the Account, Opportunity, Contact, and Contact Roles objects. Each object must be updated one at a time in Salesforce, making the process slow and painful.


Troops has solved this problem with Multi-Object Grids.


Grid, is Troops’ spreadsheet-like inline editor for Salesforce (Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, CPQ, Pardot), that enables reps to quickly update multiple fields across many records all at once from a single browser tab.  Multi-object grids let reps update related fields from multiple objects at the same time. No more updating accounts, opportunities, contacts and contact roles separately.

Unlimited Fields From Multiple Objects


You can create grids with fields from as many related objects and include as many fields from each object as you need.   There are no limits.   All fields appear in a single, integrated grid (no secondary pop-up windows) with each field clearly labeled, so you know which object it comes from. You can view, edit and update all fields from all objects.


All Standard and Custom Objects


Grid works with both standard and all custom Salesforce objects.   If it’s in Salesforce, you can view and edit it in Grid. You’ll save hours each week updating Salesforce without ever having to log in.


Works with Salesforce Sales, Service, CPQ, Marketing Clouds...and Much More


In addition to updating Salesforce, Grid can be used to view and update multiple fields across many Go To Market applications, including Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM, Gainsight, HubSpot, Outreach, and Zendesk Support & Sell. Like with Salesforce, Troops works with all standard and custom objects in these applications too.


Update Salesforce Faster


Grid makes updating Salesforce faster than working in Salesforce directly, or using any other third-party tool. By working with all your data, across all objects in a single browser tab, you can quickly make all your necessary updates and get back to your real job of selling and helping customers. Sales reps who use Grid save an average of 7.5 hours each week on administrative work.    


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Know When Updates are Needed


Sometimes the biggest challenge in keeping Salesforce current, is knowing what you need to update. Troops’ Signals are scheduled and real time alerts delivered via Slack or Microsoft Teams that let reps know exactly what they need to update.   Daily signals remind you to add notes via Grid to the accounts for all the meetings you had that day.  Weekly signals prompt you to update your pipeline by using Grid to quickly adjust dates, amounts, and next steps within your open opportunities.   Signals and Grid are the one-two punch that will skyrocket your productivity.


Test-drive Grid for Free to see how it can save you hours each week, and give you back more time to sell.


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Scott Britton

Written by Scott Britton

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