If you’re like most people who work in Sales, Customer Success, Sales Development or Revenue Operations roles, then you spend way too much time entering data into Salesforce, Gainsight, Outreach, HubSpot, and other Go To Market systems.


Each one requires you to update one record at a time, mostly by clicking through multiple forms, fields, pick lists and text boxes.  It's slow and arduous because the pages contain every piece of information on the record. This isn’t always needed when making quick updates to key fields. As a result, many avoid doing it altogether, quickly turning their data stale and sparking the ire of their managers. 


That’s why we’re extremely excited to announce that Troops is officially launching its newest product to put a stop to the action-taking madness: Grid.



Troops users are already able to update single records (such as accounts, contacts, etc.) directly from within Slack or Microsoft Teams. With Grid, they can take action on multiple records at once in a fast, spreadsheet-like updating experience. 


Grids can be created on any conditions in a given system to provide in-line editing capabilities across any desired set of fields.


This multi-action record management allows for this improved flexibility, visibility, productivity, and efficiency to be extended to any SaaS platform Troops integrates with.

Keep All Your GTM Tools Current

Grid doesn’t just work with Salesforce.  It also works with many of the key GTM tools in your tech stack, including Gainsight, Outreach, Zendesk, HubSpot, and JIRA.


Work with All Standard and Custom Objects

Grids can be built from and update all standard and custom objects in every supported system.


Know What to Update and When

Troops signals help you keep track of exactly what needs to be updated and when.   


Bulk Updating with Ease

You can now update any standard and custom fields quickly and easily across various GTM platforms en masse, or in bulk, rather than just one-by-one.

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Account Executives

Ensure every single opportunity is scrubbed and updated with confidence, without flipping from report to report in Salesforce, from one easy-to-use window. Directly accessible from Slack or Microsoft Teams, Grids let you take multiple actions across all of your assigned opportunities faster and easier than ever before.  Updating your deals, accounts, contacts and notes in Salesforce with Grid will save you hours each week!


Sales Leaders

Create signals in Microsoft Teams or Slack to remind your teams to easily jump into Grid and update their assigned accounts and opportunities. Get insight into the deals in progress that allow you to discover growth opportunities, both for deals and for your sales reps’ ongoing enablement and training. No more deals getting lost in the shuffle.


Sales Development

By using Grid, you can get an overall view of your prospects that allows you to ensure that each prospect is in the right sequence at the right time. Update each prospect’s assigned sequence in Outreach as necessary from a single, easy-to-view window. Never let a prospect sit there collecting dust ever again.


Customer Success

Gain a bird's eye view of the status of high-risk accounts, progress being made ahead of renewal to grow each account, and anything else your team needs to enable your customer success team needs in a timely manner. From there, you can ensure every record in Gainsight or Salesforce is up-to-date and prevent upset at renewal time.


Revenue Operations

Drive better data quality, accuracy and completeness in Salesforce, Gainsight, Outreach and all other Go To Market systems.   Create better pipeline and forecasting accuracy for leadership.  Perform group updates to multiple records without having to use clunky import or data loader tools.



Get Going With Grid

Grid will become available over the next few days to most existing Troops customers, included as part of your current subscription. If you want to learn more, our team of experts is standing by, ready to help you get the most out of Troops’s latest release.


We’re excited to help you get more out of our integrations. You can sign up for a free trial of Troops here in just 10 clicks or contact our team to learn more. 

Evan Patterson

Written by Evan Patterson

Content & Community Evangelist at Troops

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