The word that keeps coming up again and again on every leadership call I’ve been on is “agility.”

Right now, everyone is completely re-evaluating quarterly goals and strategic imperatives. At many companies, people at all levels are reformulating plans to focus on what the business can do TODAY to be in a position to survive and thrive amidst the current crisis. And at many others, leaders and individual contributors alike are shifting their focus to efficiency and productivity to ensure their businesses survive and can thrive after the coronavirus crisis.

One amazing thing we’ve seen at Troops is how our customers are using Troops to put process and technology in place to support their real-time adjustments.

Here, we’ll share with you the highest impact and most creative things our customers are doing with Troops to drive alignment, effectiveness, and agility during COVID.

To maximize impact, we recommend that you instrument your CRM to capture and measure COVID impact which we wrote about here.

Tracking impact in your CRM is a table stake for supporting the processes and plays we’ll share and will have an impact not just today, but 6-12 months from now when you’re reporting out on the overall impact of COVID, how your teams responded, and what worked/didn’t work.

Easily Capturing Impact

Once you have the structure in place in your CRM to track COVID impact, it’s time to make it as easy as possible to get high-quality information from the conversations your reps are having into your CRM.

We are seeing the best companies do two things:
  1. Layer this insight into their existing processes
  2. Proactively push reps to capture this information

Your BDRs and AEs are already making calls and running demos, so we recommend implementing an easy way for them to capture any COVID information and sentiment following these conversations.

Our meeting workflow, which allows reps to have explicit CTAs after any customer or prospect meeting on their calendars, is a great example of layering new insights into your existing processes.


The second approach we recommend is that you proactively push reps to collect this information on high-priority accounts.

We recommend you set up a workflow to ping reps asking them to collect and document COVID status for any deal of a certain size that is set to close this quarter.


If you are running a timely offer or promotion, like we are at Troops with our free Remote Work Performance Pack, you can also collect information from your reps to get feedback and gauge the effectiveness of the offer. This can help you understand conversion metrics and potential for tweaking your campaigns to address feedback, and it might also help you see where there is potential whitespace.

These are just a couple examples of how you can easily collect information, but we’re also seeing a ton of success from companies placing well-defined COVID action buttons within existing and new workflows to obtain this mission-critical information.


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Real-Time Awareness for Coaching, Adjustments, and Influence

Every day we are learning something new that informs how we can put our company in the best position to win despite current market challenges.

This is why it is so important to drive awareness across all levels of your GTM leadership team of changes you make to respond to and measure the impact of the COVID crisis.

Many of our customers are using Troops to do this. Here are a few example use cases:
  • New business opportunities affected by COVID
  • Renewals affected by COVID
  • Closed lost opportunities due to COVID


As shared in’s daily briefing conversation last week, we’re seeing a 53% increase in leadership joining meetings and a 70% increase in executive involvement in deals. Now more than ever, it’s “all hands on deck” and frontline managers are trying to understand in real time where they can have an impact on their existing pipeline.

This is why we’re seeing companies create channels and workflows related to leading indicators, so they can get involved quickly, whether that’s to coach or influence. Examples include:
  • Close date pushes
  • Next step updates
  • Amount changes


Many of these examples are available as part of Troops Remote Work Performance Pack that we are offering companies free for 60 days while in this time of crisis. We’re including a setup session with a Troops expert, too, so you can get started and get value fast

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Summarizing Impact and Effort

Summaries that share the overall impact on different parts of your sales funnel are a nice complement to the real-time updates shown above.

How frequently you share summaries depends on the metric. For top of the funnel use cases like measuring SDR activity and performance, we recommend sharing this information daily or even 2x a day to drive consistent behavior.


For higher level information, like overall pipeline impact on new business or existing business, it probably makes the most sense to share once or twice a week across the company.


Supporting New COVID GTM Plays

Many of our customers have created new GTM plays and campaigns to adapt to their customers’ and prospects' needs during COVID. These include everything from providing a free version of their product for an extended period of time, to pivoting their business to focus on serving customers exclusively online.

All of these new motions require an immense amount of enablement effort, from how to capture and document changes and new processes in Salesforce to shifting the actual behaviors of their teams.

We’re seeing companies leverage Troops to support all parts of the process from capturing information, sharing real-time outcomes and progress, ensuring smooth transitions between teams throughout the updated customer journey … and of course we can’t forget celebrating the wins when they happen!

We started using Troops to keep our teams engaged by broadcasting reports in different departments from Salesforce to Slack. It's been one of the most valuable tools in our tech stack to create awareness around what is happening across the funnel and how to engage the team. Now with Coronavirus, we're also seeing it is instrumental in helping us with morale and team awareness."- Michael Tuso, Director of Revenue Performance, Chili Piper

To us, this truly reveals how powerful Troops can be in helping you drive the processes for your business as you rapidly change them to achieve the best outcomes.

We anticipate most businesses will increasingly need to make rapid adjustments as the situation changes, and our ability to support and reinforce that for our customers is why Troops is mission critical now and moving forward.

“Hello! Troops is helping a lot with us right now supporting our COVID-19 product -- we’re giving a free version to our customers (our software is used by front line healthcare workers).” - Clinicient

If you are currently using Troops, we’d love to get you started with our free 60-day Remote Work Performance Pack so you can give it a test run with the top workflows that can help you now. Sign up here and we’ll get you all set up.

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Strategic and Executive Deal Support

As I mentioned earlier, it’s “all hands on deck” for your most important deals and accounts and we are seeing a massive increase in managers and executives getting involved.

We’re seeing more of our customer leverage Troops Deal Rooms to accomplish exactly that.

If you aren’t familiar with Deal Rooms, they empower customers to create and manage dedicated channels in Slack related to specific accounts and opportunities in Salesforce. Because all of the stakeholders are in Slack, Deal Rooms make it easy for people to collaborate around the deal and see what is happening in real time


Most executives can’t spend all day digging around in Salesforce to see where they can help, Troops Deal Rooms are the easiest way for them to get involved so they can positively influence deals and plan accordingly as new information surfaces.

You can quickly create your first Deal Room following the steps here.

Keeping Morale and Energy High Across the WHOLE company

As companies adapt to this new way of working, communicating what is happening is more important than ever … and not just to the GTM teams, but across the whole company.

Celebrating wins has always been one of Troops’ greatest hits, but we’re seeing companies call more attention now to the “micro-wins” to keep energy and morale high. Some examples of these include:
  • Opportunities created
  • Pipeline progression
  • Renewals and upsells
  • Positive customer feedback
  • COVID-specific plays progress

We recommend sharing these with a broader audience so that everyone can feel the love and see the impact of what you’re doing.

This post shares just a few ways our customers are using Troops to support their businesses during this time, and we are looking to uncover more and share them with you in the coming weeks.

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Scott Britton

Written by Scott Britton

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