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Using Workflow to Keep Next Steps Updated

By Scott Britton on September 22, 2017

“So what are the next steps?”


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At many companies, weekly meetings are dedicated to answering this question!

This is partially due to the fact this information is rarely documented accurately in your CRM.

Holding status meetings is certainly one approach. It just requires a lot of time and operational overhead that could be spent on customer activity - not to mention you can't report on it.

Ideally key details like next steps are updated frequently and stored so that anyone within the organization has visibility into this information at any time.

There are few interesting ways companies are leveraging Troops to ensure that their teams are:

  1. Updating their next steps regularly
  2. Adding next steps during critical junctures in a deal

Regular Next Step Updates Workflow

For routine next step updates, many companies have been leveraging our actionable Slack Salesforce report workflows.

These not only let you see an existing Salesforce report, but also drill into any record within a report and update it in-line.

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By building a report in Salesforce any time a next step date is today, in the past or approaching, Troops can auto deliver this report and allow your team to easily make any required updates.

This concept of “insight + action” underpins everything we are building here and this workflow is a great example of this!

Updating Next Steps At Certain Deal Milestones

Some managers are only interested in next steps when an opportunity has reached a certain stage or milestone in their sales process.


In these instances, companies will take advantage of our “is empty” operator within our Slack Salesforce workflow builder to trigger a reminder to update next steps when a deal has reached a certain stage and a next step has not been added.

Both workflows work incredibly well and we're excited to be working with customers in order to provide additional functionality that will make it even easier to accomplish things like always keeping your next step up to date.

Want to learn more about these workflow and others? Send me an email : )



Scott Britton

Written by Scott Britton

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