To say “what a year” is an understatement, but here a few things we accomplished in 2020.

  • G2 Crowd recently named Troops one of the Top 100 Software Products of 2020 and Top 100 Highest Satisfaction
  • When COVID-19 hit we knew companies were going to be severely impacted so we launched a Remote Work Performance pack with 60-day free trial
  • We launched our Troops Revenue Communications Platform that connects business intelligence across your entire SaaS ecosystem at work, with the mediums in which your people are spending all of their time. We did more of what we’ve done best — providing an intelligent and cordless integration between Salesforce, Slack, and Google Calendar — and expanding it to Hubspot, Zendesk, Intercom, Jira and Microsoft Teams. With more to come in 2021.
  • We added more investors, customers, and teammates to the Troops family, with new customers like Twilio, Shopify,, and more.
  • At the beginning of the year, we were one of the first companies to declare election day a company holiday, giving the entire company off. One of our teammates even volunteered as a poll worker.
  • We helped companies help their customers navigate some of the most important work they’ve ever done. One example is Medidata Solutions, a company that develops and markets software-as-a-service for clinical trials, that has been facilitating over 70% of the ongoing clinical trials for COVID-19. With Troops, they are able to share real time wins and learnings back to the organization to improve and accelerate their support and solutions for their customers that are developing vaccines. 
  • Two of the most iconic and important technology companies, Salesforce and Slack, recognized the importance of of bridging the gap between CRM and messaging and made a $28B bet that this was going to be the future of work. For five years, Troops has been working on this exact vision and we’re just getting started!
  • Troops became a ‘work-from-anywhere-indefinitely’ company. Before COVID-19 we were opening remote offices in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Colorado, but now, our team will work from anywhere using Troops to keep the pulse of the organization pumping. 
  • We continued to support our amazing customers and help garner more success and feedback like, “This is a groundbreaking tool that will make you more productive. We want to make sure we uplevel the organizational rigor and approach to developing the 360-degree view of our business. Troops will help you mitigate and redirect your focus back to selling.”

We’re more excited than ever to turn the page and head into a new year with optimism and continued focus on making our partners successful.

Cheers to making 2021 a great year.

Dan Reich

Written by Dan Reich

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