If you're in or around the world of high-growth technology companies, maybe you've noticed an increasing demand for Sales Operations, and business operations more broadly.

what is sales operations

But what is this whole sales operations thing actually about?

....and does my business need a sales operations person? If so, what can I expect them to help me with?

Today we hope to unpack those questions and more

The Rise of Sales Operations

I think a great starting point for this conversation is first to understand why sales operations has become so critical for modern sales and marketing organizations.

All the technology, data and automation available now to assist your company represents an incredible opportunity to optimize your business. The challenge is that managing and tweaking these puzzle pieces to create leverage can be a lot of work - especially when things are constantly evolving and multiple parts of the organization rely on upon them.

what is sales operations

This is where Sales Operations comes in:

Sales Operations creates, implements, and optimizes the processes, data and applications that support the sales team.

This work extends well beyond just the sales team.

When you think about the CRM as a central hub for customer information that supports marketing, finance, and customer success, the important work done by sales and business operations directly impacts multiple parts of the organization.

We unpack this and a whole lot more in the presentation below:

[slideshare id=67371270&doc=whatissalesoperations-161018211819]

You can start to see how high leverage Sales Operations becomes when you extrapolate what a 10, 20, or 30% gain in efficiency can mean for your business.

The optimizations to arrive at these gains vary from organization to organization, but here are some initiatives that we've seen sales ops help guide and enhance:

CRM Setup

Defining required data structure and fields

Workflow and validation rules


Organizational Communications

Knowledge sharing

Establishment of team communication calendar

Assuring alignment across teams on data and communication

Measuring Performance

Dashboard construction

Defining and evaluating goals and KPI's




Territory and Lead Allocation + Distribution

Designing comp plans to reward, retain and attract talent

Budgeting for new hires

...and there's a whole lot more we probably didn't touch upon but hopefully this gives you an answer to the question "what is sales operations".

As your sales force grows and individual contributors become increasing dependent upon smarter software, it's critical to have someone making sure that the proper infrastructure and process is in place so you can scale effectively.

At what point do you think it's right to invest in Sales Operations? If you've already invested in this function, how has it changed your business?

Scott Britton

Written by Scott Britton

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