Whether your team is growing or you're changing your sales process, updating workflows across your tech stack is a challenge. Ones that made sense then now need to be reconfigured or reevaluated, and driving user adoption is another gargantuan task.

It's equally important for your systems and tools to be easy to use and adjust as you grow. We built Troops to help streamline processes efficiently and at scale, from our integrations to the way Signals are set up, and make it convenient for people to manage and update pipeline. We’ve built new features that make it even easier to battle these growing pains.

With Troops’ no-code platform and enhanced routing capabilities, we make it easy for you to set up, send and update Signals to dynamically deliver insights at the perfect moment to the all of the right people. 


Dynamically route Signals with Account and Opportunity Teams

Ensure that your Signals reach the right people by routing Signals based on Salesforce Account and Opportunity Teams– Troops inherits fields, roles and permissions in Salesforce and dynamically sends Signals to the right people in the right roles, even as people, roles and processes change.

The possibilities are endless– for instance, you can:

  • Deliver critical insights to the opportunity SDR and Sales rep in a group message to provide complete context for collaboration during handoffs,
  • Alert the Executive Sponsor when an Opportunity forecast category moves to Commit so they can move quickly and increase deal velocity, or
  • Let an account's Customer Success Manager, Account Manager, and Support team know if their NPS score has dropped below threshold so they can strategize on addressing it.

By sending hyper-relevant and timely insights and making fields easy to update by aligning process with the way people like to work and collaborate, you'll cut through the noise and improve team adoption. For example, see how mParticle use Troops to build business-wide processes that scale.


Create custom User Groups for flexibility

Have a category of recipients not reflected in reference fields? You can create custom User Groups within the Troops platform so you can efficiently route Signals to audiences with flexibility. We’ve seen teams create User Groups for cohorts like leadership and specialized cross-functional workstreams to make it easier to manage and organize Signals that give visibility to specific sets of people.


Troops helps bridge the gap between your CRM platforms and where teams work in Slack or Teams, making it easy to access and update records and critical information, no matter how your team likes to work. Built with user experience in mind, we make it simple for you to make scalable updates as your needs change.

To learn more, start your free trial or talk to our team.

Ashley Mao

Written by Ashley Mao

Senior Product Marketing Manager at Troops

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