How Troops works with Sales Cloud


Get Salesforce data you can trust

Proactively engage reps throughout each phase of the sales process to collect the critical information you need to make decisions.

Increase adherence to sales processes

Make following the sales process you spent all that money on easy, so you can forecast and coach effectively.

Give management the oversight they keep asking for

Surface critical information to leadership so there are no surprises. Provide your exec team the level of visibility they deserve, right at their fingertips.


Deploy high-adoption workflows in minutes

Build business processes with zero coding and deploy them to your team in minutes. Simplify adoption by meeting your team where they already are, in Slack.

“Troops has empowered us to get the most out of our Salesforce investment. We now have a more accurate forecast and our front line managers are able to effectively coach and manage their teams with real-time visibility into our mission-critical processes."
Ben Braverman

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Think of Troops as the central nervous system for go-to-market teams that delivers the right information to the right people at the right time. Troops monitors Salesforce for changes, notifies associated people when specific conditions occur, and presents a list of immediate actions they can take, all through your collaboration platform.

You can set conditions and filters on standard and custom objects (including Opportunities, Accounts, Contacts, and Cases) as criteria, choose who should receive the signal, and Troops can either send the signal in real-time or on a schedule you set. For example, you may want your sales leaders to know when a deal amount changes, or notify account managers of top accounts with upcoming renewals.

  • Real-Time Signals detect changes on records as they happen and notify associated people immediately.
  • Scheduled Signals send lists of records that match your conditions at selected times, similar to a report.
  • Actions allow your team to update and create records in Salesforce right from Slack or MS Teams.