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How Troops works with Service Cloud


Keep track of stalled cases  

Use scheduled signals to proactively engage your support team with all of the Service Cloud cases that have remained unresolved for a certain period of time.

Real-time updates on the progression of cases

Use real-time signals to provide your team with updates on how Service Cloud cases are progressing every step of the way.

Take action on cases that slip through the cracks 

Use scheduled signals to surface support cases that might have been lost in the shuffle and use Troops action buttons to quickly take action from Slack or MS Teams.


Make customer support collaborative

Providing your team with real-time visibility around cases allows your support org to be more collaborative and drive better customer satisfaction.

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“The Troops signals we’ve set up for service cloud have helped our support team improve from meeting SLAs 75-80% of the time to meeting SLAs 99% of the time. For severity 1 and 2 cases, we now meet SLAs ~100% of the time.”
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Service Cloud Resources 

Think of Troops as the central nervous system for go-to-market teams that delivers the right information to the right people at the right time. Troops monitors Salesforce for changes, notifies associated people when specific conditions occur, and presents a list of immediate actions they can take, all through your collaboration platform.

You can set conditions and filters on standard and custom objects (including Opportunities, Accounts, Contacts, and Cases) as criteria, choose who should receive the signal, and Troops can either send the signal in real-time or on a schedule you set. For example, you may want your support leaders to know when a strategic account logs a case, or notify account managers of accounts with upcoming renewals.

  • Real-Time Signals detect changes on records as they happen and notify associated people immediately.
  • Scheduled Signals send lists of records that match your conditions at selected times, similar to a report.
  • Actions allow your team to update and create records in Salesforce right from Slack or MS Teams.