Troops Integration for Microsoft Dynamics + Slack

Maximize sales by integrating Microsoft Dynamics and Slack through Troops so your team always knows the next best step towards closing a sale.




Why integrate?

The Microsoft Dynamics Slack integration from Troops drives better engagement while removing the guesswork from your sales team’s next steps.



  • Automate action items for sales team members based on real-time marketing signals
  • Engage prospects with the most relevant steps
  • Create better buying experiences for leads
  • Boost collaboration among sales team while improving visibility across the organization



How Troops works with Dynamics + Microsoft Teams

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Make informed decisions

Create both scheduled and real-time alerts with the Dynamics 365 Slack integration. Sales team members can then take the appropriate next step towards closing a deal, increasing revenue while simultaneously reducing administrative CRM tasks.


Increase sales team visibility

The Dynamics CRM Slack integration creates easy-to-use workflows across multiple channels. Collaboration is simplified by involving the right people at the right time and executives can view results at any time.






Improve efficiency with quality data collection

Remove the headache of inputting CRM data by automating records through the Slack integration with Dynamics.