Integrate Gainsight + Slack with Troops

Surface insights and calls to action from Gainsight into Slack to drive a better customer experience.





Why integrate?

Troops brings the power of Gainsight where your team is working so they never miss a customer touchpoint or leading indicator.



  • Surface success plans, health scores, and upcoming renewals
  • Easily update call to actions right in Slack
  • Highlight yellow & red accounts to drive proactive engagement
  • Identify and collaborate on upsell opportunities



How Troops works with Gainsight + Slack




Proactively drive upsells

Troops’ Gainsight and Slack integration automatically surfaces key leading indicators to your team so they can identify upsell opportunities based on any data stored in Gainsight.


Stay on top of CTAs

Keep your team accountable by surfacing overdue and current CTAs while empowering your team to take action directly from Slack. Staying on top of your playbook to strengthen customer relationships has never been easier.






Get ahead of at-risk accounts

Highlight yellow and red accounts to reps and the broader account team so everyone can collaborate to reduce the risk of churn. Use unique parameters to escalate these insights across the organization.