The Most Powerful Intercom + Slack Integration

The Troops Intercom and Slack integration enables sales, success, and support teams to receive timely  signals from intercom and take action.






Why integrate?

Surface key insights on how people are engaging with your product, website, and chat to the right people to drive a better customer experience.



  • Surface key activities stored in Intercom across GTM teams
  • Unsilo information strictly limited to Intercom users
  • Alert teams to upsell and cross-sell opportunities 
  • Build complex workflows that highlight key customer activity



“Troops has been excellent! We use it to keep the CS team in sync on all customer renewals and upsells, specifically on status or value changes on deals. Managing support cases through the Troops integration is also very helpful and has cut down on time to respond back to customers. Finally, we also flag customer case escalations.”

Manuel Harnisch, VP of Customer Success, Kentik

How Troops works with Intercom + Slack




Proactively drive upsells

Troops’ Intercom and Slack integration automatically surfaces key activities your customers and prospects are taking in your product to GTM teams to drive more intelligent conversations.


Provide a superior support experience

Allows teams to engage with customers as they write into the chat and document key information back into Intercom with Troops’ custom write back actions.






Provide a true customer 360

Intercom shouldn’t be limited to support or BDR teams only. Unsilo how customers are interacting with your website and product to any team member in Slack using Troops’ Intercom + Slack integration.