The Most Powerful Jira + Slack Integration

Monitor and engage your team with any key activity happening in Jira and allow them to take action from Slack.




Why integrate?

The Jira Slack integration from Troops allows you to surface anything happening Jira and provide custom write back actions right from Slack.



  • Improve customer support by surfacing key activities in Jira to everyone in Slack
  • Stay on top of stale tickets with smart workflow and actions
  • Drive collaboration around key escalations to solve customer issues faster 
  • Enhance internal workflow with highly custom triggers and alerts
  • Case resolution times with Slack and Jira signals and automated workflows



How Troops works with Jira + Slack




Surface real-time insights

Using Troops to integrate Jira and Slack makes it easy to shine a light on anything happening in Jira such as new issues, escalations, and stale information that needs to be updated or actioned.


Un-silo information from Jira

Teams need to be responsive to customers and project members. Make it easy for your anyone in your organization to follow along on the progress or status of key issues and projects regardless of whether they live in Jira.






Build highly customized workflows quickly

Troops empowers teams to build very granular and tailored workflows from Jira with no code. Attach an action to a workflow so when information is surfaced, teams can update Jira easily without ever leaving Slack.