Launch Your Jira Service Desk and Slack Integration with Troops 

The Troops and Jira Revenue Communications Platform integrates with Slack to improve both forecast accuracy and win rates.





Why integrate?

The Slack-Jira integration from Troops gives you automated control over case resolution, using both real-time signals and scheduled signals that are completely customizable.


  • Improve case resolution times with Slack and Jira signals and automated workflows
  • Enhance collaboration and problem solving with the ability to focus on escalated accounts
  • Provide visibility on key cases with improved organizational transparency
  • Consistently hit your team SLAs using data-backed intelligence and informed decision making processes



How the Slack-Jira integration works with Troops




Improves case resolution time

Using Troops to integrate Slack and Jira constant monitoring of your systems for defined changes. The associated people on your team then receive automatic signals with a list of action items, removing ambiguity and allowing for much faster response times.


Enables your team to consistently reach SLAs

Help your team stay aligned with SLAs by delivering information to the right people at the right time. The Troops integration for Jira and Slack ensures you optimize all of the resources that you have available. Customers regularly report better response and resolution times when they integrate their existing platforms with Troops.






Increases team efficiency

The Slack Jira integration streamlines user identities across both platforms, making it easy to assign a ticket in Jira and have the same person automatically receive a signal in their Slack channel. By integrating both platforms through Troops, you can implement both immediate notifications in real-time as well as scheduled signals for reporting purposes.