Integrate Outreach and Slack with Troops

Engage your team with insights and actions from Outreach into Slack to drive sales pipeline and deal acceleration.




Why integrate?

The Outreach Slack integration from Troops surfaces any prospect or sales engagement activity to your GTM team so they can take the right action, at the right time.



  • Surface key prospect activities like account intent, opens, clicks to drive real-time sales engagement
  • Meet team SLAs like lead response times and activities per day by adding prospects to sequences in Slack 
  • Keep teams on top of overdue tasks with timely reminders right in Slack
  • Provide visibility into sequence performance and thresholds to anyone in the company where they work in Slack


outreach- slack-2


How Troops works with Outreach + Slack




Engage accounts more effectively

Using Troops to integrate Outreach and Slack makes it easy for the whole account team to understand how prospects are engaging with your outreach. Surface insights and actions to drive real-time responsiveness to key prospect activities.


Keep your team on task

Saynora overdue tasks and missed followups. Automatically remind reps when they have tasks that are due or not being performed in a timely manner to drive the activities you know will drive pipeline.

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Rapidly iterate your outbound approach 

Your sales engagement platform should not be a black box to the rest of the organization. Make it easy for frontline managers to see how sequences and messages are performing so that you can understand and react to the market more effectively.