Connect Slack + Pardot with Troops

Integrating Troops with Pardot and Slack highlights team action items and strengthens prospect engagement.





Why integrate?

Troops enhances your existing Pardot and Slack platforms by surfacing time sensitive marketing signals and providing comprehensive visibility into customer activity.


  • Surface time-sensitive marketing signals to spur action from your team
  • Enhance level of account and prospect engagement 
  • Open up direct visibility into all customer activities 
  • Stay aligned your sales and marketing SLAs



How Troops works with Slack + Pardot




Reduce lead response time

Pardot and Slack integration gives your company the ability to create real time alerts to trigger action from team members, ultimately reducing the amount of time it takes to respond to leads.


Drive better sales and marketing alignment

Keep your team in sync with consistent messaging through your Salesforce Pardot and Slack integration. Make sure everyone is aligned on what activities and engagement prospects are taking to close more deals and create a better customer experience.






Increase engagement and collaboration on accounts

Using Troops to incorporate your Pardot marketing strategy with Slack creates a more efficient pipeline while also increasing engagement between your team and leads. The integration connects your sales team regardless of location and streamlines the collaboration process.