Integrating Slack + Salesforce with Troops

Use Troops to connect Slack and Salesforce. Monitor and deliver actionable insights across your enterprise with code-less workflows.





Why integrate?

Integrating Troops into your existing Slack and Salesforce experience enhances the power of each system, by engaging the right people, with the right information and actions, at the right time.


  • Increase visibility across your entire customer lifecycle
  • Improve Salesforce data and forecasting
  • Make every GTM team member and process faster, and more efficient 
  • Drive a better customer experience with built in deal collaboration 
  • Provide visibility to non-CRM users 
  • Support critical GTM processes with guided behavior 
  • Increase the adoption and value of both systems



How Troops works with Slack + Salesforce



Boost CRM sales visibility

Route workflows directly to company channels, referenced Salesforce users, or team members right in Slack so everyone is on the same page.


Get better data

Give your team the ability to push timely updates into Salesforce directly from Slack, ensuring your information is clean and up-to-date.  Need to quickly update multiple Salesforce records?  Try Grid, Troops' inline editor.




Gain visibility with other company departments

It’s easy for teams like your product and finance departments to stay in touch with what’s happening in your CRM.


Connect your executives with deals in real-time

Your executives will be better engaged with deals, giving better visibility to your sales team and injecting an extra level of motivation.