The Top Zendesk Slack Integration with Troops

Integrating Zendesk and Slack through Troops makes case resolution more transparent, more collaborative, and most importantly, a better experience for your customers. 





Why integrate?

Troops allows Zendesk and Slack to work in concert for a streamlined case resolution process from start to finish.


  • Make better decisions to reduce case resolution times
  • Create your own Zendesk signals that integrate with Slack
  • Maintain user identity across systems
  • Use both real-time and scheduled signals based on specific conditions and standards



How Troops works with Zendesk + Slack




Improves case resolution time

Set alerts to send notifications between Zendesk and Slack, giving your team a list of potential actions to choose from in order to resolve the case.


Consistently hit team SLAs

Automate workflows and send dynamic signals across channels to improve forecast accuracy and win rates. 






Increase team efficiency

Share intelligence among team members to help make better, faster decisions. The Zendesk Slack integration with Troops also improves organizational transparency.