Integrating Zendesk Sell + Slack with Troops

Use Troops to connect Zendesk Sell and Slack. Improve CRM visibility, data quality, and efficiency with codeless workflows where your team lives.




Why integrate?

By connecting Zendesk Sell and Slack, you bring the full power of the CRM to where your team is working. Impact revenue by engaging teams with signals that inform actions and drive the customer experience.


  • Drive visibility into key CRM activities
  • Improve Zendesk Sell data quality
  • Save reps time by limiting task switching 
  • Guide behaviors of your most important GTM processes
  • Increase adoption of Zendesk Sell
  • Empower anyone to build codeless workflows

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How Troops works with Zendesk Sell + Slack




Increase sales velocity

Drive better data quality and faster sales cycles by streamlining the CRM experience. Streamline the customer experience by making sure everyone is on the same page.


Codeless automation

All automation with Zendesk Sell and Slack using Troops can be built with zero coding which empowers anyone at the company to get the data they need when they need it.






Prescriptive workflows with next best actions

Take the guesswork out of what your team needs to be doing. Engage reps with what they need to see and do so they can focus on what matters and follow best practices.