Microsoft Dynamics and Microsoft Teams Integration from Troops

Use Troops to connect Microsoft Dynamics and Microsoft Teams. Monitor and deliver actionable insights across your enterprise with codeless workflows.




Why integrate?

Integrating Troops into your existing Microsoft Dynamics and Microsoft Teams instances makes it easy for teams to drive the best customer experience and get the most out of your CRM.



  • Share CRM insights across the entire company in Microsoft Teams
  • Empower reps to update Microsoft Dynamics directly from Microsoft Teams
  • Drive efficiency, data quality and engagement across devices 
  • Remove barriers to adoption by integrating directly into Microsoft Teams



How Troops works with Microsoft Dynamics + Microsoft Teams

3) Stage Change@2x



Improve CRM data

Make sure Microsoft Dynamics is always accurate and full of high quality data by enabling reps to make updates without ever leaving Microsoft Teams.


Improve visibility with notifications

Make sure everyone is in sync and on the same page by empowering teams to notify Microsoft Teams on anything happening within Microsoft Dynamics. Provide visibility to the entire business






Drive rep efficiency

Limit context switching and provides Microsoft Dynamics users the ability to make updates on the go from within the Microsoft Teams app.