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Integrate Gainsight + Microsoft Teams with Troops

Drive a proactive and engaging customer experience with the Gainsight and Microsoft Teams integration from Troops integration.

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Why integrate?

Troops’ Gainsight integration with Microsoft Teams allows your team to optimize customer engagement by leveraging timely insights and actions to create proactive solutions.



  • Retain customers by surfacing key leading indicators, trends, and fluctuations in customer health
  • Drive better compliance and adoption of CTAs
  • Improve visibility into customer activity to non-Gainsight users such as your executive team



“I love Troops because it’s so simple, yet took our operations 10 years ahead of where other CRMs/ Customer Success platforms could have and adoption is very high. It's helped our CS team immensely stay on top of our most important processes so we can deliver the most impactful customer experience.”


How Troops works with Gainsight + Teams




Improve retention and drive upsells

The Gainsight integration with Microsoft Teams makes it easy to surface any insight within Gainsight relevant to customer retention in Teams. Schedule workflow triggers based on lifecycle events and renewals for recurring revenue that alert your team at the right moment and with the most effective action.


Help your team be more proactive 

Improve Gainsight adoption across the department by integrating action items into existing Microsoft Teams so CSMs can be as reactive as possible. Administrative processes can be automated and team morale gets a boost thanks to increased success and visibility.





Drive a better customer 360 for the whole company 

Get consolidated data that can be shared across customer channels when integrating Gainsight’s C360 with Microsoft Teams so everyone can stay on the same page. Using a holistic approach to customer insights also reduces prep time for meetings across departments.

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