The Intercom and Microsoft Teams Integration from Troops

The Troops Intercom and MS Teams integration connects your support and revenue teams in real-time to drive the best customer experience.




Why integrate?

Use Troops for your Intercom and Microsoft Teams integration to create action-driven signals based on customer chats, product usage, and any intercom attribute.



  • Improve conversation response and resolution times in chat support
  • Monitor product usage and user activity with real-time signals
  • Increase visibility on customer feedback and issues, even to non-Intercom users 



How Troops works with Intercom + Microsoft Teams




Drive a better customer experience

The Troops integration maximizes your Intercom capabilities by sending both real-time and scheduled signals to the appropriate people in MS Teams. It can prioritize customers based on time sensitivity to make sure your team stays on top of the most important chats and events in Intercom.


Surface product activity for upsells and engagement

Any user data taken on the website that is tracked in intercom can be shared and actioned on by your team using Troops. Increase revenue opportunities by scheduling signals when a customer reaches a certain level of product adoption or rolls out a new use case.






Provide visibility to non-Intercom users

Troops allows you to maintain user identity across multiple systems and route things to people based on their roles across systems. Even if a Microsoft Teams member isn’t an Intercom user, they can still receive personalized alerts within designated Teams channels. This is great for adjacent teams to support like Sales and Customer Success.