Jira and Microsoft Teams Integration from Troops

Integrating Jira Cloud and Microsoft Teams improves case response and resolution times, visibility and customer engagement by real-time signals where your team lives.




Why integrate?

Troops’ Jira and Teams integration streamlines your department’s workflow to improve efficiency and drive a better customer experience.



  • Provide visibility into key ticket status changes with real-time alerts to all relevant stakeholders
  • Drive enhanced project and ticket collaboration for faster resolutions
  • Improve efficiency using automatic updates without ever leaving Teams



How Troops works with Jira + Microsoft Teams




Improved visibility across the enterprise

Add Jira to MS Teams to foster better organizational transparency across functions like sales and customer success. Make it easy to understand the status of customer issues and projects


Consistent customer experience 

Better intelligence between Jira and Microsoft Teams lets your team collaborate better and improve problem solving capabilities. This improves the overall customer experience and creates consistent action items for specific situations.






Greater efficiency with automated processes

Customized action items can be automated when certain conditions are met. Your team will substantially reduce case resolution times and make sure that unresolved cases are actually addressed.