Jira Service Desk and Microsoft Teams Integration Made Easy with Troops

The Troops and Jira Revenue Communications Platform integrates with Slack to improve both forecast accuracy and win rates.





Why integrate?

The Troops integration for Jira and Microsoft Teams streamlines communications and action items for your go-to-market teams.


  • Automated action items significantly reduce case resolution times 
  • Personalized signals from Jira to Microsoft Teams deliver better intelligence to use for problem solving and collaboration
  • Organizational transparency provides visibility across functions
  • Customized conditions and filters sets your team up for success with SLAs



How the Jira-Teams integration works with Troops




Reduce case resolution time

Utilizing Jira and MS Teams together means that your team receives automated prompts with action items according to your own signals and conditions. Anytime Troops detects a change in Jira, the appropriate team member is notified in Teams, making sure no ticket falls through the cracks.


Hit team SLAs

Troops users receive signals in MS Teams, allowing them to collaborate and take key action as necessary. This keeps everyone on task and improves solutions for your customers. Expect to see faster resolution times and streamlined problem solving when you start using Troops to connect Jira and MS Teams.






Boost team efficiency

Troops matches users in both Jira and Teams, allowing for seamless communication between the two platforms. Any task assigned in Jira automatically notifies the same individual in Teams, reducing lag times and missed action items.