Outreach Integration with Microsoft Teams Using Troops

Use Troops to integrate Outreach and Microsoft Teams to maximize the sales pipeline and increase conversions.




Why integrate?

Integrating Outreach and Microsoft Teams streamlines sequence execution and customer engagement, giving your sales team timely signals for specific actions.



  • Engage customers more consistently and effectively throughout the customer journey

  • Faster response times to inbound leads and prospect leading indicators

  • Streamlined sequence execution to foster accountability

  • Increased visibility into sequence performance


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How Troops works with Outreach + Slack




Increase sales pipeline

Integrating Outreach.io and Microsoft Teams helps your sales team drive more sales pipeline by surfacing buying signals and optimizing response times. Automated alerts in your Teams channels makes it easy to track engagement and easily add to sequences as needed.


Improve prospect conversion rates

Make the most out of your Outreach platform by getting timely signals within Teams when prospects have been added to or interact with a sequence. The Troops integration will propel sales team members to optimize the customer lifecycle and ultimately increase conversion rates.

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Increase sequence performance 

Want to know how sequences are performing and run better tests? Troops surfaces insights into performance to management and admins to make staying on top of metrics and A/B tests very easy.


Drive better compliance 

Sayanora overdue tasks. Make it easy for reps to stay accountable to all the action items they need to stay on top of and alert managers in Microsoft teams when reps are out of compliance.