Connect Microsoft Teams + Pardot with Troops

Using Troops to connect Pardot and Microsoft Teams highlights time sensitive sales alerts so your team can quickly take action and meet SLAs.





Why integrate?

The Pardot and Microsoft Teams integration from Troops enables countless alerts that are customizable to your sales team so they can better engage with leads and close more deals.


  • Surface time-sensitive marketing signals to spur action from your team
  • Enhance level of account and prospect engagement 
  • Open up direct visibility into all customer activities 
  • Stay aligned your sales and marketing SLAs



How Troops works with Microsoft Teams + Salesforce




Reduce lead response time

Integrating Salesforce, Pardot, and Microsoft Teams generates automatic triggers for your sales team, creating a clear path of next steps on how to handle leads. Alerts are completely customizable at every stage of the sales process, including new leads and deal progression.


Drive better sales and marketing alignment

Use Troops to maximize your Pardot marketing capabilities in Microsoft Teams. Data is automatically captured and imported into Salesforce Pardot and reporting can be done in real-time with greater accuracy.






Increase engagement and collaboration on accounts

The Microsoft Teams integrations lets you maximize your Pardot marketing features to improve engagement, track data, and use that information to discover trends and create micro campaigns that appeal to specific leads.