Connect Microsoft Teams + Salesforce with Troops

Use Troops to connect Microsoft Teams and Salesforce. Monitor and deliver actionable insights across your enterprise with codeless workflows.





Why integrate?

Integrating Troops into your existing Microsoft Teams and Salesforce instances enhances the customer journey by better engaging your reps and gathering crucial data to make smart decisions.


  • Use data for more informed decision-making
  • Maximize Salesforce software with improved forecasting
  • Employ better visibility and reporting for management
  • Remove barriers to adoption by integrating directly into Teams



How Troops works with Microsoft Teams + Salesforce



Increase CRM visibility

Equip your GTM teams with real-time notifications on important signals from Salesforce like new leads, deal progression, and next steps.


Improve CRM data

Keep your CRM up to date by capturing data from Microsoft Teams directly into Salesforce. Troops makes reporting a breeze.






Involve your entire company

Troops improves CRM visibility for teams outside your sales reps, like your product, engineering, and finance staff.


Engage executives in deals

Celebrate wins and boost visibility in front of the executive team with automated closed won notifications.