Integrating Salesforce Service Cloud and Microsoft Teams with Troops

The Troops and Service Cloud Teams integration minimizes case resolution times while maximizing customer satisfaction.


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Why integrate?

Troops’ Service Cloud integration with Teams allows for both real-time and scheduled alerts based on customized conditions.


  • Tackle unresolved cases 
  • Track case progression in real-time
  • Take action with Troops buttons directly in Microsoft Teams 
  • Create a collaborative team experience
  • Update Salesforce records directly from Microsoft Teams



How Troops works with Salesforce Service Cloud + Teams




Reduce case resolution times

Identify stalled cases with scheduled signals through Salesforce Service Cloud chat after a certain amount of time.


Consistently meet team’s SLAs

Get real-time alerts in Microsoft Teams from Salesforce Service Cloud so that the right team member can take action at the right moment.






Improve team efficiency

Bring greater visibility to the team’s cases, using the Service cloud app in Teams to develop more collaboration and efficiency.